When targets of microaggressions attempt to point out the offensive nature of remarks and actions from perpetrators, they are told that their perceptions are inaccurate, that they are oversensitive, or that they are paranoid. In other words, they are out of touch with reality. The experiential realities of those in power are imposed upon less powerful groups by denying their perceptions and life experiences. Interestingly, some have asserted or found that those groups who are least empowered have the most accurate assessment of reality. Such a conclusion makes common sense, as those in power do not need to understand disempowered groups to survive or do well, while those without much power must actively discern the mindset and motives of those with power in order to survive. Women in the workforce must understand the thinking of their male counterparts to do well, but the reciprocal is not true for men.


hi! I’m silas and I make hangable  mixed media and collage fanart! I have an etsy shop and I also take commissions. 

all my pieces are made on ready to hang sturdy wooden canvases like this:



all my pieces are sealed and protected by several coats of glossy varnish. if you’d like a different finish (ex. clear satin) let me know!

the sides and back of the canvases are painted black with a coat of glossy varnish. I’d you’d like the sides and back to be a different color, let me know!


  • 10x10 collages start at $35
  • 8x10 collages start at $30
  • 5x7 & 6x6 collages start at $15
  • 4x6 collages start at $8
  • 12x12 and 11x14 collages start at $45
  • 9x12 collages start at $40
  • 16X20 collages start at $65
  • 16x16 collages start at $55
  • 18x18 collages start at $65
  • 20x20 collages start at $80
  • 24x24 collages start at $100

when you message me let me know what kind of thing you’re looking for (size,colors,shapes,designs, previous works of mine you like)! I’ll keep you updated and ask you questions. I’ll figure out a price based on supply cost, the time I’m going to put into it, how complex of a collage you want, and your price range. 




Girl and her dragon growing up and growing old together and stuff. ( I picture dragons having very long lives so it would suck making human friends OTL ) It started as just the first pic but then I wanted to draw the dragon after it hatched and then it just continued from then on…

I am sure its by no means an original concept so I’m gonna add mine to the pile of mythical creature friendships  :)

I’m having a horrible artblock so I’m just finishing up doodles I did at work over 4-5 months ago or something OTL

I broke shell in your hands, as red as a poppy;

your love was a jewel,

your hair the first and only gold

I ever hoarded.


In winter, I grew to serpentine loops

in your warm arms;

you held me like coils of priceless silk

and told me our secret name

was trust.


later, we basked in the sun

by a sea so immesureably old

I forgot to notice that you, too, were ageing.


you taught me to fly with paper wings.

like a stringed kite, you were tethered

to an earth I only learned to leave

because your love bore me up

like a soaring thermal.


the first time your heart broke,

I held you close and wondered how it would feel,

when you broke mine.


years later, when your hair turned white as eggs. 

I carried you

as you once carried me, your bones as fragile

as the shell I’d long outgrown - 


and now you’re gone.

I cannot call you back.

I guard the earth that tethers you

and hope you’ll wait, my darling - 

only wait,

'till I am done.

Potter has done too much for me for me to ever want to shit all over it. I’m never going to say: ‘Don’t ask me questions about that’. I remember reading an interview with Robert Smith from The Cure. Somebody said to him: ‘Why do you still wear all that makeup, don’t you feel a bit past it?’ And he said: ‘There are still 14-year-olds coming to see The Cure for the first time, dressed like that. I’d never want to make them feel silly.’ It’s a similar thing with Potter. People are still discovering those books and films. It would be awful for them to find out the people involved had turned their backs on it. Though sometimes, people do come up and say ‘I loved you in The Woman in Black,’ which is really sweet. That’s them knowing that it matters to me that I’ve done other stuff.

Daniel Radcliffe for London Magazine (x)

Wait someone watched The Woman in Black and thought it was a good movie though?  This seems implausible…